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With the advent of the camera phone, everyone it seems now has the opportunity to capture the images that take hold of them, capture them, on a daily basis.

For an artist this could be a little disturbing, but why should it be. Everyone should have the right to be able to create art, whether it’s with a brush, pencil or a camera phone!

So I thought, why not publish some of the photo’s I’ve taken on my phone? It’s a relatively low megapixel iPhone 3Gs, but even with it’s limited 3.2mp quality it is still capable of taking a half decent photo’.

The really cool thing about smartphone technology is that you no longer need thousands of pounds of Adobe software and a high end Mac to play with images. You can download a handful of Apps and play around to your hearts content!

I’m using Snapseed, Dynamic Light, Pic Grunger and PhotoToaster Apps (Thanks http://rubicorno.com/ for the tips). Most of which are either under £2 or free. So give it a go. Take a photo, pull it into an App and play around and have some fun! Here are some of mine:

Me and my youngest son at bedtime. Taken by Michelle, my wife.

Harveys Brewery, Lewes, East Sussex.

The Downs, Eastbourne, East Sussex

My son Ezra on a family Longboarding day out along the coast in Eastbourne.

Winter Longboarding with the family on Eastbourne seafront.

The same seafront as the shot above this one, but with minimal filtering.

Harveys Brewery again, but with more filtering.

The very talented Mr. Angus Bishop on drums.