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I’ve seen velvet purses on sticks, brass dishes, and even plastic buckets used as offering collectors in churches. Our local church wanted something… “different”. So a used wine box from a local wine shop was acquired for free, given a coat or two of shocking pink (it was left over from decorating) and sign written on the lid and sides. There’s even a little cam activated lock on the end to dissuade young enquiring fingers. I think it took six bottles of wine originally, so there’s plenty of room for the weekly collection of notes, cheques, coins, buttons and sweet wrappers, and still have room for at least three bottles of wine!

These old wine crates seem to be surplus to requirement to our local wine shop, so I guess anyone could pick one up and paint it for a variety of uses. We use one to keep spare guitar and mic’ leads in (that one I’d like to stress is not bright pink), but you could keep anything in one… even wine!

It is however very pink, I hope it doesn’t put anyone off…