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Sometimes when you haven’t painted for a while, it doesn’t matter what you paint, you just need to paint. It’s a bit like pushing a car. I don’t know if you’ve ever pushed a car, but you’ve gotta keep it moving, once you let it stop it takes ten times the effort to get it into motion again! So in defence of the subject of this picture I didn’t plan on painting a flying dog, it was a spur of the moment sort of thing that just seemed like a good idea at the time and I needed something to get me back at the easel again. The something in this case was our small fluffy Jack-Russell called Hunny.

Occasionally she gets picked up by one of our boys and when she does she rather patiently does so with a look on her face just like the one in the painting, a look of quiet but disapproving resignation.

So here she is (I’ve included some shots of the process), Hunny the world’s only flying canine in oil on wood panel.