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I know, there are almost innumerable puns that could be made out of the title of this piece, but I shall refrain and let you think of them yourselves if you want.

This piece is the result of one of my nocturnal visits to the shed. It was a dark and windy night… sounds like the start of an eerie tale of mysterious doings, but it really was a dark and windy night, when I shut myself in our tiny shed with some of the treasures previously gathered by our boys earlier that day, a candle or two, a torch, a carrier/grocery bag of treasures, tripod and my camera. Perched on top of the lawn mower and judiciously pointing a torch from overhead I snapped this shot of a conker. For those unfamiliar with the “conker”, it’s the fruit of the Horse Chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum) tree here in the UK.

Well today on an equally horrid day, it’s raining hard and still windy, I sat and wrote the text, scanned it in and combined the text and image on the Mac while listening to Charles Trenet “boum” bouming on the stereo.

Voila! As Charles might musically say.

conker final