Hi. I’m Ian Goldsmith: husband, father, son, artist and writer, living and working on the beautiful South Coast of East Sussex, England.

I hope you enjoy exploring the site where I share my artwork and views on life. A lot of this will include my faith as a Christian as… well, that’s who I am.

Thanks for visiting.

For more details or to commission work, please visit my website at:


12 thoughts on “About”

  1. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and liking a recent post! I look forward to taking a closer look around your site!

  2. Hey Ian!

    I have been enjoying your blog and decided to nominate you for the Inspiring Blog Award– More info can be found here– http://rikreimert.com/2012/06/04/inspiring-blog-award/ Have a good one!

  3. Hi,
    sorry for have deleted your comments on one of my post but i had to take down that shot after some issues. Thanks anyways for have spent some of your time with my works.

    Stay in touch,

    -Suany P


  4. Hi, Ian. I just had the chance for a quick look at your blog. It’s amazing, in images and words…i look forward to having more time for reading more of your interesting and intense posts. Very inspiring!

  5. I just thought that I’d nominate you for a UBA today.


  6. Thanks for visiting 🙂 I’m keeping an eye in you ! Cool stuff.

  7. Love hand shapes, for some reason. Love this one, too.

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